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Embracing Culturally Responsive Practice in School Libraries
by Elisabet Kennedy
is now available online and in stores!

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School librarians have always connected learners’ life experiences, culture, and communities to materials, projects, and processes. As schools look to make these connections within the classroom and to the curriculum, school librarians are perfectly poised to lead and model meaningful steps toward a culturally responsive mindset. Embracing Culturally Responsive Practice in School Libraries celebrates how learners’ cultures shape everything from their communication to how they process information. This book translates complex concepts into accessible and practical school library strategies while challenging readers to embrace and nurture their personal and professional growth. An authentic and approachable guide to culturally responsive pedagogy aligned with the National School Library Standards, this book features

  • an adapted framework with actionable steps and activities based on culturally responsive principles that directly relate to AASL Standards;

  • scenarios offering context for learning, demonstrating conflicts, exploring potential harm, and suggesting strategies; and

  • reflective exercises and challenges, introductory definitions, and resources for deeper exploration. 

Item Number: 978-0-8389-3862-1

Published:  2023

Publisher:  ALA Editions

Pages:  144

Width:  7"

Height:  10"

Format:  Softcover

AP Categories:  A,E,G

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