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Make connections.
Be intentional.


What We Do

Equity Based Research & Practices:
We utilize methods guided by innovative and emerging research, frameworks, practical experiences, and approaches

Culturally Responsive Library Services: Explore communities' population data and better understand cultural experiences/needs to influence decisions 

Multi-tiered Reflective Strategies:
Establish differentiated reflection and feedback cycle for all staff members

Intentional Marketing Strategies: 
Necessary focus on practical and time effective branding, voice, and outreach 

Collection Analysis & Development: Culturally relevant and inclusion based audits using researched methods

Community Focused User Experience: 
Improve community relationships and partnerships with researched and emerging methods

Inclusive Policy Evaluation & Revision: Analyze and revise policy with a DEI lens

Time to take your library services to the next level! 

Our method of training focuses on

engaging, authentic, intentional

activities and discussions specifically tailored to library workers of all library spaces


Contact us to schedule virtual and in person

interactive professional development workshops, trainings, lectures, and 1-on-1 consulting

for libraries of all sizes and all types


Professional Learning Resources:
Access to exclusive website with library specific DEI research, up to date articles, curated book lists, and more

Let's get started

Book a free starter session with LibrarianLizK today via the link below or by email

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